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Manufacturers We Represent

We distribute high purity chemicals from various manufacturers including those listed in the table below. In addition, we sell factory-sealed bags or drums of many high purity chemicals, including 4-CPP, n-Boc, ACCA, Zinc Oxide USP, Ethyl Alcohol, and many others, often at specific customer requests.  Contact us for information about these products.

 Our standard offering includes solvents, alcohols, acids, and salts in a variety of grades, including ACS, Electronic, Reagent, and Technical, and in an assortment of sizes, from 500 milliliters and 500 grams to drums, totes, and thousands of pounds from the suppliers listed below and others.  We also offer other laboratory or production chemicals from these and many other suppliers.

   Supplier of J.T.Baker and Macron Brands  

Honeywell Research Chemicals

KMG Electronic Chemicals


BD Diagnostics

GFS Chemicals


Hammond Drierite

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
   Supplier of Mallinckrodt Stearates 


Pharmco by Greenfield Global

Ricca Chemical


Don't see what you need or have a specific item of interest?  Feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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