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Certified Excipient Distributor

Brand-Nu Laboratories is pleased to announce its certification by Mallinckrodt Baker as a “Certified Excipient Distributor.”  Mallinckrodt Baker recently launched its Certified Distributor Program to strategically align Mallinckrodt Baker and select channel partners to provide the pharmaceutical industry with an optimized supply chain that is compliant with the International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council’s (IPEC) guidelines for Good Distribution Practices (GDP).  Brand-Nu Laboratories, LLC is one of the first distributors, and the only one in the Northeast United States, to attain certified status under this program.


Mallinckrodt Baker's Certified Excipient Distributor Program provides a documented chain of custody, appropriate management of change, and assurance that their distributor is operating an environmentally controlled facility.  Prior to achieving certified status under this new program, each channel partner had to pass a strict quality audit conducted by Mallinckrodt Baker’s quality department.  The audit process is designed to ensure that each distributor in the program is in compliance with IPEC GDP guidelines. 

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